NYC High School Admissions Study



Helping NYC students navigate a complex high school admissions process

Since 2014-15, the New York City High School Admissions Study has been developing, implementing, and evaluating a range of informational interventions to help NYC 8th graders make more informed high school choices. The aim of these interventions is for less-advantaged students to choose and ultimately enroll in schools that help them succeed academically, reducing educational inequality and the impact of family background on life outcomes. This work, funded by the William T. Grant Foundation, Spencer Foundation, Smith Richardson Foundation, and Heckscher Foundation for Children, has involved analyses of historical data on high school choices in NYC, surveys and interviews with school counselors, parents, and middle schoolers, and field experiments in over 400 middle schools. 

The NYC High School Admissions Study includes researchers at New York University, Princeton University, Columbia University, and Seton Hall University.





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